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Our website, www.eatsleep.co.za, provides a portal for people to discover some of the lovely destinations South Africa has to offer and their unique respective attributes.

With the ever evolving world of technology, people are always looking for easier ways to access information.

We extend an opportunity for you to advertise on our online destination directory free of charge. We will provide information and contact details of your resort, guesthouse, restaurant, caravan park, pub and/or any other travel destination of interest to the online world.

Planning a vacation has never been easier for the every day user. The benefit to you is the excellent exposure you can get from listing on our web site.

Kindly forward any pictures or text you would like us to use on your new listing to free@eatsleep.co.za

If you do not have any pictures or simply want assistance with photography or content generation, you can request our assistance, for a fee. Please email us with the details of your request so that we may provide you with a quotation.

Remember: this fee is only applicable if you cannot provide your own pictures or want a customized solution.

Kind Regards,
The EatSleep Team

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